Boeing seeks first customers for MSA

- Flight Global – Boeing’s maritime surveillance aircraft (MSA) was only a concept when the company announced the programme’s launch at the Farnborough airshow in 2012. This year, the MSA is a reality, with the company’s demonstration aircraft, a modified Bombardier Challenger 604 business jet, on display for potential customers.

British ASW: Spoiled for Choice

- Aviation Week – The collapse of Britain’s long-range antisubmarine warfare fleet has set off a scramble among contractors to fill the gap. With a strategic defense review due next year, and a shift in focus away from land wars, it is widely expected that the UK will take steps to restore its world-class capability. It is both a good and a bad time for that kind of decision. The maritime environment is challenging, with a small but expanding worldwide fleet of very quiet, advanced submarines and a complex surface picture. Trafficking of people and contraband, piracy and more crowded sea lanes increase the number of targets and demand fast response and continuous coverage. A wider-than-ever variety of systems is available for maritime patrol.