Intercepted US Spy Planes Were ‘Interested’ in Russia’s Top Submarines

Sputnik News – The US Navy’s P-8 Poseidon surveillance planes that were intercepted by the Sukhoi Su-27s were apparently trying to get a closer look at the ongoing Kavkaz (Caucasus) 2016 military drills that are being held in the Black Sea, particularly Russia’s newest submarines that are so quiet that NATO nicknamed them the “black hole.”

The Software Upgradeable Combat Aircraft: The Case of the P-8

Second Line of Defense – A new aspect of building, modernizing and evolving the combat capabilities of the new generation of combat aircraft is software upgradeability. Software upgradeability provides a key opportunity to evolve the capabilities of an air combat platform without having to change the hardware and correlated software configurations through a complicated upgrade process.

South Korea mulls purchase of four Boeing P-8 Poseidon aircraft

Jane’s – The South Korean military may buy four Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft in the wake of the successful test-firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) by North Korea on 24 August, the Korea JoongAng Ilbo newspaper quoted a senior government official as saying on 1 September.

Vietnam eyes secondhand Japanese defense gear

Nikkei Asian Review – Vietnam has long wanted anti-submarine aircraft and many analysts thought Vietnam would move quickly to purchase one from the U.S. once the arms embargo was lifted. But Japan has also emerged as a potential supplier. According to a Japanese official, the Vietnamese navy informally asked in the spring to buy retired MSDF P-3C anti-submarine aircraft.

The P-8, Singapore & South China Sea Strategy

Breaking Defense – Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and his host, Singaporean Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen, made a stark and clear statement to China before the Shangri-La summit began, boarding America’s preeminent sub-hunting and surveillance plane, the P-8 Poseidon.

“How do you like this aircraft?” asked Carter as they boarded the P-8.

“I love this aircraft!” replied Lt. Torrey Plum.

Plum’s isn’t alone in her enthusiasm for the Boeing-built aircraft. It’s a sentiment shared at high levels of the US, Australian, British, and Indian militaries, all of which are fielding the surveillance plane.